About us


      Our company was established in 1992 and from the very beginning our main goal has been to meet the requirements of our customers with our guaranteed quality, on-time delivery and stable supply of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging. As a result of our constant commitment to this goal, we are the most successful company in Macedonia in the area of production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging.

  • Production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging with a yearly capacity of 15.000 tons
  • Equipment for production of 2-layered, 3-layered and 5-layered cardboard, equipment for production of cardboard packaging according our customers’ requirements (constant investments in modernization of the equipment) 
  • Inventories of raw materials that are constantly maintained on stable level
  • Our suppliers are companies from the paper industry that have world-wide reputation and superiority in paper production (which is why we can guarantee stability and always provide standard quality)
  • Expertise and support for our customers in development of new packaging models and designs
  • Specialized for cardboard packaging used in automatic packaging processes 
  • Miskom’s team meets all customers’ requirements for cardboard packaging vigorously, with professionalism and commitment 

are the main advantages of Miskom and the main reasons why Macedonian companies (around 60% of our total production and sales), as well companies from neighbouring countries (40% of our total production and sales) are our customers.


We produce :

⦁ corrugated cardboard 2-layered, 3-layered, 4-layered and 5-layered with different dimensions, grammage and qualities, as well as different wave heights (E flute = 1.6mm; B flute = 3.2mm; C flute = 3.8mm; and their combinations),
branoviden-karton-engtwo-layered paper in a roll or cut into a given format size,
⦁ classic carton boxes, die-cut, with different dimensions , qualities and shapes with the possibility of printing in 4 colors .

Production intended for other industries such as:

Food industry,

⦁ Textile industry,

⦁ Tobacco industry,

⦁ Chemical industry,

⦁ Metalworking,

⦁ Electrical industry,

⦁ Automotive industry,

⦁ Agriculture

⦁ Furniture and others.


      We have implemented Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001), and we have invested in new licensed equipment (laboratory) for testing of different technical parameters of cardboard packaging, that will additionally help in meeting our customers’ requirements.

      The company is led by an expert management team of young economists, graphic and mechanical engineers.


Our motto is:

We want to contribute and be a part of your success and development !